Seaview Beverage Inc.

Servicing Ocean, Monmouth, and Burlington Counties for over 30 Years


For the past 25 years Seaview Beverage has been servicing Ocean, Monmouth, and Burlington Counties in NJ.  Many of the customers opened in the spring of 1989 remain loyal customers to this day.


Seaview Beverage is a family owned business, who prides itself on having a family like atmosphere in the office and on the road. Management alone has over 100 years of experience in the beverage industry.  Founder Bill Butrymowicz has over 35 years in the beverage industry.  Coming directly out of high school, Bill got a job driving for Hoffmans Soda, and eventually ended up graduating to Pepsi. Bill took the education he learned on the road and decided it was time to apply it to his own business.  In the Spring of 1989 Bill Butrymowicz founded Seaview Beverage.  Selling cases out of a one car garage, father Charlie Butrymowicz came to work for free as Bill spent mornings selling product, and afternoons delivering. Today Seaview Beverage has over 60,000 sq feet of warehouse space and 13 trucks on the road, BilL Butrymowicz Jr. is the first third generation employee in the company. Throughout its 25 years  Seaview Beverage accumulated priceless employees including General Manager Bob Mooney, Sales Manager Peter Marino, , and Office Managers Kimberly Cantalupo, and Crystal Hansen.  From President Bill Butrymowicz to Merchandising Manager Brian Wendruff,  everyone at Seaview Beverage plays a vital role in the day to day operation.



The greatest asset to Seaview Beverage is our brand lineup.  Quality brands from the front page of our catalog to the last page is what put us on the map.  The consistency in industry leading products for over 25 years has given Seaview Beverage the reputation as a pioneer in the introduction to best new products in central New Jersey.  Snapple, Vita Coco, Bai, Polar Beverage, Fiji water are just some of the products that made their introduction to the Jersey Shore through Seaview Beverage.

The Healthy Alternative

As more and more consumers switch from sugar based carbonated soft drinks to healthy alternatives, Seaview Beverage has been on the forefront of recognizing the best brands in this growing trend. Having leading brands in the coconut water, seltzer, low calorie carbonated and non carbonated segments has given customers an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle while still being able to enjoy what they're drinking.


Seaview Beverage is a proud member of the NIDA Group.  NIDA is a group of distributors from Maine through South Jersey.  The distributors of the group are responsible for the start of the countries leading brands including Snapple, Sobe, Vitamin Water, Fiji, and many more.  NIDA distributors cover every county in the northeast with the each areas premier distributor, ensuring new and existing brands get the service and attention they deserve.